How WildSmart are you? Speaker's Series. In the winter we hold the How WildSmart are you? Speaker’s Series to inform residents of Canmore and area of recent wildlife research and issues. If you missed our most recent WildSmart Speaker Series to learn about wildlife research and wildlife issues in the Bow Valley, you can listen to them online.

A bear rubbing against a tree may have an itchy back, but there’s more going on than meets the eye. Come hear about the messages being left by bears all over the forest, what they mean, and who they are for. You’ll also learn about how this interesting behaviour has the potential to provide valuable information on everything from population inventory and trend monitoring to understanding aspects of conflict management.

Speakers: Jon Jorgenson & Glenn Naylor

Videos during presentation:

The speakers showed a number of videos during this presentation. Most of them are available for public viewing by using the following links:  

Video #1 - Colbert Report Dancing Bears  

Video #2 - Cougar on a kill in Bow Valley Provincial Park  

Video #3 - Why you should stay in your car!  

Video #4 – Not yet available. Stay tuned to the Alberta Parks YouTube page!  

Video #5 - What goes on when you are not there…