How WildSmart are you? Speaker's Series. In the winter we hold the How WildSmart are you? Speaker’s Series to inform residents of Canmore and area of recent wildlife research and issues. If you missed our most recent WildSmart Speaker Series to learn about wildlife research and wildlife issues in the Bow Valley, you can listen to them online.

The students of Mme. Provencher´s grade 7 class at l´École Lawrence Grassi Middle School created this song in conjunction with a movie they created. Join them to learn how to keep yourself and wildlife safe both around your home and out on the trail. 

This Biosphere Institute of the Bow Valley movie was made in partnership with the Bow Valley WildSmart Community Program under the financial support of the Kananaskis Legacy Fund Program of the Alberta Ecotrust Foundation.

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Kim Titchener met with Rob Murray at Mountain FM on Canadian Multiculturalism Day to celebrate our Nature for Newcomers program, which is a program to provide New Canadians, Newcomers and English as a second language residents and visitors with information on wildlife safety in their language through online materials, print resources as well as outreach programs.  

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