How WildSmart are you? Speaker's Series. In the winter we hold the How WildSmart are you? Speaker’s Series to inform residents of Canmore and area of recent wildlife research and issues. If you missed our most recent WildSmart Speaker Series to learn about wildlife research and wildlife issues in the Bow Valley, you can listen to them online.


This presentation will highlight some of the possible effects our beloved dogs can have on various wild species in the Bow Valley, the impacts that wildlife can have on our dogs, and what we can do to ensure their safe coexistence. We’ll discuss typical responses of wildlife to dogs so you can be more prepared for any encounters you may have on trails in the valley. We’ll also talk about the work some dogs are doing to further wildlife conservation efforts at home and abroad."

Speaker: Melanie Percy

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The Alberta BearSmart program seeks to reduce human-bear conflicts and increase public stewardship of black bears and grizzly bears in Alberta by providing strategic information and education materials to the public, stakeholders and government agency staff dealing with bears.  This presentation will provide an overview of the main types of human-bear conflicts that occur across the province and the initiatives that are underway to resolve them.

Speaker: Nathan Webb

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WildSmart Speaker Series - Grizzly Bears and the energy sector in Alberta – new knowledge from research

Over the past 14 years the FRI Grizzly Bear Research Program has done extensive work helping with our understanding of grizzly bear habitat use and response to forest harvesting activities in the boreal forests of Alberta. More recently our research team has been investigating how grizzly bears respond to energy sector development and activities along the eastern slopes. This presentation will review some of these new research findings and discuss ongoing studies on a number of ecological questions aimed at supporting grizzly bear conservation and recovery in Alberta.

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